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Dr. Sarah Blair is a specialist in oncology surgery. She completed a fellowship in Surgical Oncology at City of Hope National Medical Center, where she was honored as the Terrell McElligot Surgical Oncology Fellow. She received advanced training in the surgical treatment of breast cancers, melanoma, sarcoma and other tumors. She is certified by the American Board of General Surgery.

She is involved in a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of breast cancer. She has extensive experience in cutting edge technologies such as sentinel node staging for breast cancer, melanoma, and other soft tissue tumors. In her research at UCSD, Dr. Blair is developing a method for using advanced imaging techniques to ensure that all the tumor cells are removed during a cancer surgery. The method will be used in the operating room, while a cancer surgery is in progress, to detect any cancer cells that may be present in samples of tissue taken from the edges of the surgical area. The ability to do this test while the patient is still under anesthesia will help make it possible for the surgeon to remove the tumor.